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The most effective method to communicate with customers, plus 5 bonus tips.

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Find out the most effective method to communicate with your customers

In order to answer the title question, you must ask first:

How do you send a short message to a friend?

Absolutely a good question!

By text message, of course :)

Sending text messages is one of the most popular means of transmitting messages among people today.

Whether it's a standard Whatsapp, SMS or text message, the message always gets to its destination,T'with the highest viewing percentages on the part of the recipient so why not use this with your customers?

Text messaging/SMS is an instant communication channel, short and punchy, that is hard to ignore and is almost always defined as safe by the phone spam system, so it reaches its destination without any problems.

LEADer's advanced message system helps you maintain personal, direct and continuous contact with your customers according to your choices and according to your needs and business, a significant advantage for business owners who want to reach a wide customer base and stay in their minds.

One simple text message can have more impact than any other marketing medium!

Businesses can use text messages for all kinds of customer interactions, including surveys, messages, sales messages and more.

A text message is a serious communication channel. Bankers notify their customers via text message when they are close to their credit limit. Other businesses use more focused on this platform include alerting customers to sales and promotions, a reminder to make a debt payment, reminding the customer to be at home for delivery, wishing happy holidays and more.

So how can your business create successful text messages?

The five effective tips for creating a winning text message for your customers:

A successful text message is written in the right tone.

Tip # 1: A successful text message is written in the right tone.

It is very important to write a text message using the right tone, which will give the recipient a good feeling. A winning text message combines professionalism and personal appeal. To write a message to balance these two, you might want to ask the following questions:

• What is the purpose of the message you want to deliver? A text message providing a friendly reminder can be lighter in tone than the bad news of an overdraft message, for example.

Who is your target audience and how do you want them to respond? For example: Are they existing customers who expect you to know their names? Are they leads/prospects that were registered on your site and looking forward to receiving a message from you?

What is the nature of your brand? Text messages for children & youth brands, for example, can be less formal. In this case, adding "emoji" in a text message may be appropriate. However, a bank or law firm is expected to be more professional.

A successful text message / sms should be Short & Punchy!

Tip # 2: Short & Punchy.

You should think carefully about the length of your message before sending.

We recommend that you reduce your text message to one suggestion. Our tip:

• Take time to create your message in as few words as possible.

• If this is a message that needs to be sent in two parts , do so –

It is better to send two clear & simple messages, than one message that confuses the recipient.

• If you want to include a link to more information, it is important to invest

time writing a line before the link triggers an action.

• Remember to use short links instead of full addresses

to reduce your character count.

• However, do not compromise the tone for your message and your recipients.

A successful text message/sms should include

Tip # 3: Give the recipient a contact path.

Text message communication is personal. That is why it works best when communication is two-sided and interactive.

Whether you include a phone number or email address, the message will feel more personal to the recipient when you have the option to reply, even if it is only to complain or cancel future messages.

Actual results show that only a few people use these options, but providing the option that what matters.

Check every message on your phone before sending

Tip # 4: Check every message on your phone before sending.

The easiest way to ensure that you've chosen the correct wording for a text message is to send the message to your phone. It is essential to look at and examine the text message from the point of view of the recipients. Think about how your customers will feel when they receive the message.

If you think you can send your message to most people in your target audience, you've come up with the right wording and the right tone.

a winning text message for your customers: Human

Tip # 5: Human touch.

Text messages can be short, but their impact on prospects can be powerful because of their personal nature. So, although it's a great way to get in touch and get noticed, it's important to remember that customers are sensitive when it comes to text messages sent to them from businesses.

So, a winning text message is a message that your customers will love to receive, personal enough and sufficiently professional in the correct dosage.

Keep in mind: When you send a text message to your recipients, you communicate with real people, so it's important to phrase the text as a real person.

You should think: What text message would you like to get yourself? What connects you?

What would make you follow the link or feel that you are being treated well?

Does it make you feel like sending a text message to your customers?

We invite you to send your first text message right now using LEADer

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