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The best-kept secret in the digital community – Emailing.

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

The best-kept secret in the digital community – Emailing!

How Does It Work?

How do you make it successful?

Who among us doesn't know email?

Almost everyone nowadays has an email address, and there isn’t a business that doesn't use some form of mailing system.

There are countless marketing options to communicate your business via email.

If you use the right platform correctly, there is no limit to what you can achieve and your business can rise miraculously.

Email is a trusted source of content through which we communicate securely with certain people, customers and professionals, for receiving and sending documents and more.

The big secret is to get your prospects to open the email!

That's the whole story!

Then after opening: If the content is good enough and attractive – they will click on the link and will register or purchase a product.

It's just a question of how to do it!

How to boost & increase your Email open rates

• How do you create an attractive email that gets people interested in opening it?

• How do they want to get content about you and your business?

• And not just want – but also rejoice every time they receive your emails.

It's about time to introduce you to the LEADer App!

• Any Smal business from any domain can use our system!

• The application is simple and very easy to use.

• LEADer offers a variety of options for customer and lead management.

• No need to use professionals.

• Application operation is intuitive – everyone can use it!

So how can you create an email newsletter using LEADer?

Here's the answer:

To create a useful email newsletter, you need:

1. A short and attractive email header – the title should look good both on a desktop computer and on a mobile phone.

2. The body of the mail must look good and professional, and be pleasant to read, as well as be suitable for the nature of the business.

3. The content of the email should be valuable to the people who opened it – a tempting offer can be valuable, but not only that. Information about a particular subject, an exciting innovation or a personal story can also be useful.

4. Size does not matter – an email can be short and boring or short and sweet, just as a long email can be long and tedious or long and fascinating.

Sounds like work?

It’s not too much work :-)

It’s even quite simple!

Creating an email newsletter will be simpler and much more effective using LEADer.

All you need to do is to mark up all the customers in one click or to choose some of them and click the email icon!

It’s just that easy!

Quick tips to increase & boost your email open rates.

Another two tips:

Tip 1: You should assume that your potential client is intelligent and knows when he is being treated well and what suits him.

Tip 2: With all the innovations and background noise that distract you every second, your business must stand out, even if it's just sending an email to customers.

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