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LEADer is a smart & fast Android App for the self-employed and small business owners, based on an advanced and innovative CRM system. This new & easy-to-use app is designed to enable small businesses to grow faster, while saving significant time & money!

With technology paving the way towards new developments, accessing, finding, and saving information is easier than ever before. With a simple click we can make your daily management & tasks simpler and more efficient. Our sophisticated technology here at LEADer is ready for you to use at your own convenience. Download our amazing App today and see how it can change your life!


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LEADer is a Download Away

Looking for an App that can do it all? LEADer is the App you need. Our easy-to-use platform can do just about anything, and allows you to live your life to the fullest. LEADer is the tool for you and can be used from anywhere at anytime! See what it has to offer you today!


Customer Management

Easily Manage & Followup Your Customers On The Go.

Leads Management

Easily Manage & Followup Your Leads On The Go.


Pop-Up Window During a call

Easily Get & Manage Customer/Lead  Info During Call

On Line Statistics & Follow ups

Visualize Your Leads, Customers and Closing Deals Metrics Anytime!


Customer/Prospect Record

Manage Your Customer/Prospect Via Powerful Tools. Fast & Simple

Send Price Proposals

Create Impressive price proposal Within a Click!



Create Campaigns & Send Promoting Text Messages to Multiple Leads & Customers Within a Click.

Smart Search

Search Anything Quickly!


Automatic Business Card

Automatically Send Business Card to First Time Calling Leads

and to Unanswered Customers/Leads


As a leading mobile App, LEADer has been serving the community since Spring 2017. At LEADer, we take pride in our exceptional service features and the ability to educate users about all the latest trends in the industry. Our App has changed the lives our users :-)


Our Ambition

LEADer strives to help every self-employed and small business owner to become more efficient and improve his business performance simply and easily.

Unlike the big businesses and companies that are normally provided with sufficient manpower and adequate staff: secretaries, sales managers, assistants, CEO - most self-employed and small businesses work alone and perform all the tasks that the business demands on their own: secretariat and administrative management, taking care of customers, making sure to bring new customers to the business on a regular basis, and doing the work itself! Everything falls on the shoulders of one person. Operating like that is distracting, takes too long and hinders the small business owner from accomplishing his goals.

Research conducted among small and medium-sized businesses shows that small business owners spend 23 % of the work hours on a daily basis in entering information and data into systems. 15 % of the administrative tasks of their business are of customer preservation or customer service.

LEADer's main ambition is to neutralize these "environmental factors" as much as possible, so that the business owner can concentrate on the work and making money, without wasting important time and without unnecessary expenses!

At LEADer, we believe that technology and design should seamlessly coexist. With everything there is to do in a day, why not make the things that matter most, the easiest? LEADer is aimed at improving and tackling all the small daily stresses that take up your time, and we have one of the most innovative teams in the industry here to make sure your day is managed as smoothly as possible.

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What Are We Doing?

Constantly developing "LEADer", a CRM application with a smart algorithm that performs many automatic operations during and after a call, saving time, energy, and resources to easily and efficiently manage customers and leads, improve business performance and enable growth of the business.

 All via mobile and in a click! Starting from a lead (a potential customer) who calls for the first time until closing a deal with him and finishing the job.

LEADer identifies a call from a prospect and feeds it to the system, sends the prospect a digital business card after the first call from him, and the next time he calls, a pop-up will appear on the screen during the conversation with all the comments on that customer.

Every groundbreaking app begins with a series of small ideas that are combined into an all inclusive one. At LEADer, we wanted to change how consumers see the concept of customers & leads management, by offering a simple and user-friendly platform they can trust. Our team of incredibly bright minds individuals have dedicated an immense amount of time and effort to ensure that Business Performance is easier than ever.

LEADer application includes AI (artificial intelligence) technology that automates the process of entering customer data, sending a business card after a first call with a new customer, and sending an automatic response to customers whose calls have not been answered... operations that are usually carried out manually. This capability significantly contributes to productivity of LEADer's users and saves valuable work time, which is no longer wasted on simple administrative operations.

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Who Are We?

LEADer company was founded by two childhood friends: Yaniv Katan, an entrepreneur and software developer with 24 years of technological experience, and Naor Jacoby, an entrepreneur, and businessman with 23 years of experience in international projects and ventures.

The need to help the self-employed and the small businesses, that have been neglected by the large companies & the technological world, caused the friends to create a joint venture with a winning combination of two brains who came from completely different fields - That's how LEADer was born.


User Testimonials

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 "The simpliest and  most efficient & practical application for those who need to organize their daily leads and clients without much coaxing. I recommend 100% I'm wearing it 1 month ago. is very top- I like it a lot!"


R. Pablo


"Since I have LEADer I feel that I have a real personal assistant. Everything is done quickly and efficiently."

Jessie Brown


"Amazing, efficient and professional. It really proves itself. Finally something simple that you can work with. Thanks to developers."

Dan Smith


"I get so many calls and tracking prospects & customers is very important and vital to my business. I tried many different methods but so far this app has made a huge change in my life. The fact that you can see online with how many prospects you have closed a deal it's such an important tool to set goals and analyze my business performance. The simplicity of the app is really brilliant - please do not change it."

A. Davidson

"It's just perfect!

Very professional, fast and smart tool.

Keep the good work Guys"

N. Yuki

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